Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is an advanced assisted stretching technique that targets not-only the muscles, but the whole facial network. 

FST is performed on a treatment table with the use of stabilazation straps to help support and hold the limbs; giving the therapist better leverage and control, while enabeling the client to completely relax (without feeling like they might roll off the table)! By tractioning the joint capsule, the Certified Therapist will be abe to bring the client into deeper, fuller stretches in a pain-free mannor. 

FST is far superior to the usual static stretching most of us do daily before training or athletic events. Fascia is a connective tissue that covers the entire body. It covers all of our muscles, tendons, and even our organs! By stretching both fascia AND muscles, flexability is greatly improved and lasts much longer. Clients have reported feeling longer, looser, and best of all- pain free!​


45min Stretch-Only

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45min Fascial Stretch Therapy


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75min FST Compression

55min FST + 20min Compression and Trigger Point Therapy



55min FST + 3-5min break to change sheets & disrobe

+ 30min Therapeutic Bodywork

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90min FST & Bodywork Combo