Each Wellness Pack Includes
5 Therapeutic Massage Treatments

each at a discounted rate. 


 60 min. Precision Pack   $495 

($11 Off Each Session)

75 min. Custom Pack   $610

($13 Off Each Session)

90 min. Zenith Pack   $745

($16 Off Each Session)


60min Fascial Stretch Therapy  $115

90min Integrative Stretch Therapy $165

FST is unlike the usual static stretching most of us do daily before training or athletic events. Fascial stretching focuses on more than just the basic muscle groups; it targets the entire fascial net. Fascia is a connective tissue that covers the entire body. It covers all of our muscles, tendons, and even our organs! By stretching both fascia AND muscles, flexability is greatly improved and lasts much longer. Clients have reported feeling longer, looser, and best of all- pain free!

 Each Therapeutic Massage session is customized to the needs of each individul to achieve optimal results in ROM improvement and a decrease in any muscle dysfunction or pain. With each session of bodywork, each muscle will be released of tension, stripped of toxins, and rejuvenated from the inside out. Assisted stretching  targeting the muscles specific your your injury or atheltic event may be used during or after your session. I will also demonstrate to you unique pre & post event stretches;  Designed for total body restoration to get your body working at peak performance. 

30min Precision Bodywork   $55
60min Tune-up Massage     $110
​​​75min Signature Massage   $135
90min Zenith Bodywork     $165