Certified Massage Therapist

Playing sports and staying active has always been a top priority for Nicole while growing up. As her athletic skills progressed, she began to realize the impact that constant muscle movement and overuse can have on a persons body. It was then, she decided educate herself on the human body. Identifying the anatomical structures within the body, discovering the functions of muscles and revealing how they coincide with one another to perform a specific movement was beyond fascinating to Nicole. Becoming educated in this field was then her determination.


  Soon after, Nicole received her professional massage training at National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy right here in the heart of San Jose. She enjoys combining the effective techniques of  Myofascial Release, Sports massage, and Neil Asher Techniques as well as Trigger Point Therapy, Reposturing, and Fascial Stretch Therapy to customized sessions to target the specific needs of each individual. As a former athlete, Nicole has insightful experience with runners and jumpers and is able to recognize what it is they need in order to prevent injury, reduce recovery time, and achieve a high level of performance. Her areas of interest include staying active by swimming, bike riding, and taking long, relaxing walks. Continual education, learning, and growth as a therapist is such an important aspect in Nicole’s career. 

Certifications Include:

Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator, Fascial Stretch Therapist (Level 1), Neil Asher Technique Practitioner (Level 3), Certified Fitness Reposturist, Upper & Lower Body Reposturist,

Ace Massage Cupping Practitioner (Level 1) ,

Certified Roc Doc (FMT Level 1),

   Modalities Used

•Deep Tissue
•Pre/Post Event Sports Massage

•Fascial Stretch Therapy

•Cupping Therapy
•Trigger Point Therapy

  -Neil Asher Technique

•Kinesiology Taping

•Myofascial Release

•Therapeutic Relaxation
•Tense & Relax Stretching
•Facilitated Range of Motion Improvement