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Each Therapeutic Massage session is customized to the needs of each individual to achieve optimal results in ROM improvement and a decrease in any muscle dysfunction or pain. With each session of bodywork, each muscle will be released of tension, stripped of toxins, and rejuvenated from the inside out to keep your body working at peak performance.


Cupping Therapy is a therapeutic decompressive technique where glass or silicone cups are used to create suction and are left in place on problem areas to loosen congested connective tissue. This increases blood flow which, in turn, helps to nourish and deliver oxygen to the tissues and encourages your body's natural healing process for optimal pain relief.


FST is a pain-free method of assisted dynamic stretching that significantly improves joint mobility and drastically increases flexibility of your muscles, fascia, and other connective tissues throughout the body. Clients have reported feeling longer, looser, and best of all- pain free!


Corrective exercise training designed to strengthen weak muscles, correct poor postural habits, and to increase mobility. Incorporated use of mobility sticks, resistance bands, and myofascial stretching techniques may be implemented to achieve desired results. 




Therapeutic Sports Massage

•Fascial Stretch Therapy

•Myofascial Release

•Myofascial Cupping Therapy
•Trigger Point Therapy

  -Neil Asher Technique

•Fitness Reposturing

•Dynamic Corrective Exercise

•Rocktape Kinesiology Taping
•Facilitated Range of Motion Improvement


Playing sports and staying active has always been a top priority for Nicole while growing up. As her athletic skills progressed, she began to realize the impact that constant muscle movement and overuse can have on a persons body. It was then, she decided educate herself on the human body. Identifying the anatomical structures within the body, discovering the functions of muscles and revealing how they coincide with one another to perform a specific movement was beyond fascinating to Nicole. Becoming educated in this field was then her determination.


  Soon after, Nicole received her professional massage training at National Holistic Institute College of Massage Therapy and Associates in Sciences Degree in Kinesiology at San Jose City College both right here in the heart of San Jose. She enjoys combining the effective techniques of Myofascial Release, Sports massage, and Neil Asher Techniques as well as Trigger Point Therapy, Reposturing, and Fascial Stretch Therapy to customized sessions to target the specific needs of each individual. As a former athlete, Nicole has insightful experience with runners and jumpers and is able to recognize what it is they need in order to prevent injury, reduce recovery time, and achieve a high level of performance. Her areas of interest include staying active by swimming, bike riding, and taking long, relaxing walks. Continual education, learning, and growth as a therapist is such an important aspect in Nicole’s career. 

Certifications Include:

Certified Massage Therapist & Health Educator, Fascial Stretch Therapist (Level 1), Stick Mobility Coach, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Neil Asher Technique Practitioner (Level 3), Certified Fitness Reposturist, Upper & Lower Body Reposturist, Ace Massage Cupping Practitioner (Level 1) , ICTA Cupping Practitioner, 

 Certified Roc Doc (FMT Level 1),


Each Wellness Pack Includes
5 Integrative Bodywork treatments

each at a discounted rate. 

 60min Bodywork $115

5pack $525 ($50 Savings)

75min Bodywork $145

5pack $650 ($75 Savings)

90min Bodywork $165 

5pack $725 ($100 Savings)


Late Policy​

Please arrive about 10 minutes early to EACH appointment for intake & assessment


If you are late for your appointment, your session rate & end time will remain.


If you are more than 15 minutes late without notice, your session may be cancelled & you will be considered a No-Show.

Cancellation Policy

If the need arises to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call me directly by phone at least 24 hours before your reserved appointment time.


Cancelations within 24 hours of your appointment time will be charged 50% of the service rate.


 Cancelations within 12 hours before appointment time will be considered a No-Show and charged 100% of the service rate.

No-Show Policy

New Client "No-Call/No-shows" may not reschedule with me.

New & Returning Client "No-shows" will be charged 100% of their service rate before booking their next appointment.

Wellness Pack Members will forefit one pre-payed session for their "No-Show"